Minimalist Motivational iPhone Background Wallpapers

Tangible reminders that you can constantly see, wear, and/or touch throughout the day can be super helpful in keeping you motivated. Whether it's a nudge to help you remember your intentions, the promises you've made to yourself, or just little things that remind you to keep going, these reminders have powerful significance when it comes to keeping us moving in the right direction. 

All kinds of things can be used as reminders. 

We created Crowned with the intention of it helping you work towards your goals or dreams. It is meant to be that reminder for each time you see, put on, or touch your jewelry piece.

We also love keeping reminders on our phone backgrounds. After all, our mobile phones are the first thing we reach for every morning and the last thing we put down every evening.

Here are six minimalist motivational iPhone backgrounds for you to use.

We hope that these backgrounds will help you stay focused, hopeful, and motivated as you continue to reach your goals.

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