The Founder's Story

Our Story

Crowned was created for the woman who has a vision in her mind of what she wants, and then goes after it. Stephanie Trinh, Founder of Crowned, designed these unique jewelry pieces because she wanted to acknowledge these women as they deserve more recognition and respect.

Right after college, Stephanie was lucky enough to land a role as a marketing coordinator for a multicultural media buying company. After gaining two years of experience, she found herself particularly curious about the evolving world of social media marketing. She was willing to do whatever it takes to get into the field. She quit her full-time salaried position to become an hourly minimum wage intern, hoping that the internship would transition into a full-time role—it didn’t. In addition to feeling like her dreams were crushed because she had to start back in square one, she was also dealing with heartbreak from her fallout with her best friend and breakup of her 2-year relationship.

As she dealt with stages of depression that came next, she decided that she wasn’t going to let this win. She wanted to get a tattoo where she could see it on a constant basis (no matter where she was) and be reminded that life is much more simple that we take it to be. And then she remembered—in college, her friends had introduced her to the words “Pura Vida,” a widely used saying in Costa Rica. Locals in Costa Rica consider Pura Vida as a way of life and it simply means: life is simple, enjoy it. Stephanie tattooed Pura Vida on her left forearm to remind her that she can pull through anything she goes through.

Years later, Stephanie decided that she wanted to work for herself full-time and eventually made it happen. It was not a piece of cake for her. She dealt with clients that broke her self-confidence and made her wonder if she had what it takes to give herself the title ‘entrepreneur.’

During a planned retreat to Nicaragua, she looked around one day and realized that she was in a third-world country where people dealt with bigger problems and lived with so little, yet their smiles radiated such genuine happiness... Pura Vida, life is simple.

Her next idea emerged, Stephanie researched credible tattoo artists in town and got her most recent tattoo on her right bicep: you’ll make it. From then on, whenever Stephanie is feeling defeated, she just looks at her tattoos and remembers that she has been through pain multiple times and has always made it out stronger and better. Today, she now runs two businesses, has amazing clients that respect her, is in an amazing relationship and has become the most confident version of herself yet.

Instead of trying to convince you all to get tattoos, Stephanie decided to create luxury jewelry pieces for the women that need a constant reminder that they too, will make it.

The goal of each collection is to serve as a reminder piece for you to put on when you feel like there are days where perhaps you could use a boost of self-love or confidence. Just put on your Crowned piece, close your eyes, and remember what you’re worth. You are loved, you are powerful, and you are special because Women In Power Wear Crowned.


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