Empress Necklace

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Timelessly attract wealth and prosperity.

Experience the grace and allure of our Empress Necklace, designed to bring you good luck and fortune wherever you go. This 14K gold-plated sterling silver necklace features a stunning jade pendant set with an immaculate AAA cubic zirconia. Adorned with graduated discs, this classic design is perfect for any special occasion or day-to-day wear.

Feel its power now — elevate your look and beautify yourself with abundance.



    • 14k gold plating on a 925 sterling silver chain
    • Necklace length: 16” - 18” (adjustable)
    • Authentic premium high-quality jade
    • AAA cubic zirconia stone set in the jade


Product Disclaimer: Please note that the color of the jade stone may vary. The exact shade and intensity of the jade color may differ from the product images or descriptions due to factors such as natural mineral deposits, lighting conditions, and individual stone characteristics.