Personal Message from Stephanie, Founder of Crowned


Message from Founder, Stephanie Trinh:

Hi Gorgeous!

I want to personally thank you for visiting Crowned. Without you, Crowned would not be possible.

If you decide to purchase a piece from us, here’s what I am going to offer you.

With each piece, you will receive a free gift from me that will instruct you on how to activate these gold pieces to give you the motivation you’re looking for and to use it to your full potential.

I know you’re wondering how it’s possible to have something as simple as a piece of jewelry offer you motivation. The fascinating thing is that we have so much more control over our minds than we believe we do. And with the right strategy, we can easily accomplish what we want, it’s scientifically proven (just Google it). Also, there’s this saying called, “trust the process.” 😉

I’m not guaranteeing that Crowned jewelry will offer you motivation every single time you need it, but I’m certain that if you follow exactly what I tell you, that it will allow you to have half the chance—which is better than no chance. And just having half the chance means you have a 50% higher possibility of achieving what you want and if you achieve what you want then you’ll make more money and the more money you make, the happier you’ll be. Is that a risk you’re willing to take?

Oh, also, and the fact that you want to get better means that you will.

It’s your choice to make, I’m just here to help give you a shortcut and I support you no matter what you decide.

Much love and respect,